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quick die change system

quick die change system

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The quick die change system for injection molding machine from our company is mainly designed to improve the traditional disadvantages of injection molding machine's long clamping time, complex operations and low safety. This die change system adopts electric-control permanent-magnet disk as solid plate and flexible plate, so that clamping and change of die can be available through simple magnetizing and demagnetizing within three minutes. The quick die change system can be installed in new injection molding machine as the standard part for final customer, or reconstruct the injection molding machine in use, so that you can manage quick mold change for the traditional injection molding machine in three minutes without change in original structure. The quick mold change system has the following advantages:

1. Simple installation, which can be managed through fixation of special disk to back screw hole or T-shaped channel with bolt, without changes in appearance of perforating in injection molding machine;
2. High safety efficiency: only quite short magnetizing and demagnetizing are necessary for die change, without need for power supply. The die change system has large magnetic forces, can continue magnetic forces in despite of power cut, will not disappear or fall off under the influences of time and temperature. Therefore, it is economical and safe;
3. The quick mould change system can greatly improve die-change efficiency and reduce die-change time. The mold change only takes three minutes for die-change and clamping in common injection molding machines and about ten minutes for die change of extra-large dies;
4. The thickness of the special disk is about 5-6cm, which occupies small space and will not affect die opening space of the injection molding machine;
5. Convenient operation: all non-professional personnel can manage skilled operations for quick die change systems after training of only 1 minute.

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